Agra Heritage Walk Tour with Kishore Gupta

Detailed Itinerary of Agra Heritage Walk Tour

Guests will be taken to the hotel in Agra at 3:30 pm and will be taken to Agra Fort.

The tour then proceeds via a cycle rickshaw, cycle rickshaw’s in India is one of the most prominent means of commute. The rickshaw ride will end at the Agra Fort Railway station. Built-in the British style, this station carries around 90,000 passengers each day.

From there, the walking tour will start. A first, we will visit Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in the city, where you can explore Islam and Mughal history.

Ayurveda is a historical Indian medicine system that is widely accepted in India. Further, the Ayurvedic doctors are popularly called Vaidhya (वैध). Any of the guests interested in knowing about the Indian medicine system can meet and consult them on this tour.

Gradually, we’ll explore another popular place in Agra named Lohar Gali. The word ‘Gali’ means ‘street’ in the Indian slang. The Gali explores a local wholesale market, where you can witness how typical Indian street markets work and how they are different from most of the organized retail markets in the Western countries

Agra walk Heritage tour
Agra Heritage Walk Tour

The next stop on your Agra Tour is Mankameshwara Temple (Sri Mankameshwara Temple, Kinari Bajralhar Gali, Rawatpara, Agra). The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. You are welcome to enter the temple and see devotees going about the prayer. Further, your tour will take you to Rawatpara Spice Market. One is bound to sneeze for some time as the aroma fills the air, you can see piles of red chili and pot of Indian chili around.

The next stop in Agra is the ‘Gopal Das Petha Wala’, a 100-year dessert shop that offers various sweets to taste and shop from.

Lastly, the Taj Mahal expedition will surely be the best of all the Agra tour. We will proceed towards the Taj Mahal during the sunset where you can enjoy the majestic architecture, beautiful artwork and some amazing stories from its existence.